Standard Features

The Body

The Roadster has a high quality, one-piece fiberglass body that is reinforced with fiber mat and steel inserts at strategic points for extra strength.

The Paint

After meticulous preparation, the body is painted in a state of the art facility using modern primer and base-coat. The final stage of the paint work is completed with three layers of clear coat to ensure a high gloss and durable paint finish.

The Chassis

The chassis is constructed from top grade 2″ x 4″ rectangular steel tubing which is reinforced with laser cut steel gusset plates in several areas for added strength. Upon completion, the chassis is treated to an epoxy coating, adding to the overall appearance and protecting it from the environment.

The Steering

The Roadster comes standard with a rack and pinion type steering system. The steering column is made from high quality stainless steel tubing connecting to a CNC machined billet aluminum steering boss.

The Front Suspension

The front suspension has a cast lower wishbone with a McPherson style coil-over strut. The strut has been custom fabricated to suit the needs of the Backdraft Roadster. We also use an adjustable stabilizer bar allowing overall fine tuning of the car’s handling.

The Rear Suspension

The rear suspension layout and geometry is based on the BMW E92 M3 with coilovers. The differential is a Ford Traction-Lok differential with a 3.55 ratio.  It is also fully height adjustable which makes it easier to fine tune for street and track use.

The Brakes

The Roadster features power assisted brakes with discs on all four corners. The front brake discs are 12.2 inch in diameter and the rear are 11.6 inch. With ventilated discs in the front and solid discs in the rear, the car comes well equipped.

The Wheels

The wheels are a 18″ “Halibrand” style aluminum knock off design. Optional finishes include custom colors, full chrome, and polished lips.

The Interior

The interior of the car is not only fully functional, but it is also very comfortable and can accommodate a driver in excess of 6 feet with the included dropped driver footbox. The cockpit is fully carpeted with a high grade carpet. Floor mats with bound edges and embroidered Backdraft Racing logos are a standard feature. The seats are upholstered in top quality leather. The drivers side seat features an adjustable slider. The interior is completed with a wood rim steering wheel, self cancelling turn signal and a full compliment of 7 gauges.

The Roll Bar

The car comes standard with a stainless steel driver side roll bar, which is mounted to the frame. This is a fully functional 2 piece unit.

The Exhaust

Precision crafted mild steel headers with aircraft quality 304 stainless steel side pipes come as standard equipment on a Backdraft roadster. These are custom made for the car and can be ceramic coated as an option. All cars come standard with a side pipe heat shield made from polished stainless steel.

The Other Standard Stuff

  • Aluminum radiator with a thermostatically controlled shrouded electric fan
  • Custom made stainless steel radiator cooling lines
  • Hood with stainless rivets pre-fitted for authenticity
  • Tunnel mounted park brake lever finished with an aluminum handle
  • Stainless steel windshield wipers, wind wings and sun visors
  • Stainless steel clad engine compartment to help deflect the heat from the foot boxes

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